This website was created as an outlet of free expression for women(and men), all over, to proudly display their breasts. As a woman, I understand the stigma/obsession/tension that surfaces when the public fixates on the breasts as a source of nourishment and/or sexuality. My purpose here is to allow women and men an anonymous portal to diffuse and dilute some of that tension in a visual format. I hope these images induce open conversation, feelings, ideas, fears and more...there is no good or bad pic... in fact what we're aiming for is the truest showcase of breasts on the web. The submitted breast photos may be large or small; scarred or enhanced; young or mature. As an auxillary benefit to this, a portion of any proceeds from this site will go directly to the benefit of breast cancer research and prevention studies. This is of vital importance to me because I have relatives who have battled breast cancer. I hope we can create a nice body of art together. Please forward your breast pics only(with any added commentary) to for immediate posting to website. Enjoy!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Beach Breasts

This is a candid shot from flickr... interesting shot of girl on a beach ...
Keep sending your breast pics!!!

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